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Hey everyone new here , and also new to the SRT4 platform, just bought a 2004 SRT4 from a friend of mine who had it for over 14 years. He wouldn’t sell it to anyone else lol. If allowed I can share the list of what has been done to it. Looking forward to learn what I can from everyone here.
Here is the build list
Fully built motor bored over .2
Makes in the 500s on 26psi depending on octane.
Crowler Stage 2 cams
Borgwarner 256-rs turbo
Act 6 puck clutch
CAI (k &n)
Walboro fuel pump
Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Reg.
Fuel Return system
Catch Can
Transmission has the billet agp shift selector and extender.
No grinds, pops or anything associated with 3rd gear.

Motor is built top and bottom
AGP head studs
Windage Tray
Balanced Crank
ATI harmonic balancer
Engine and trans mounts plus 4th mount
Bored intake
bomba Throttle Body
Bomba Fuel Rail
1000cc injectors
Aeromotive FPR
Fuel Return line
Braided clutch lines
2JZ metal PCV valve
MPX intercooler
Depo headlights
Aftermarket tail lights
Custom Headliner
Aftermarket Speakers
AFR, Scan and Oil Pressure Gauges (triple pod)
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Sky

Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Sky

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I'm not sure if they're practical for every day use, to keep clean, but I've always loved white wheels!
Looks great!

Has it been repainted? I see some metallic in the paint in the 2nd picture.

Let's see the mod list
Yeap it was repainted about 2 years ago as well as the wheels , but Ima change the wheels just going to take me like 6 months to decide what I want lol
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