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For those of you who'd miss it at the

Dear PersonWhoCantWaitForSRT4,

Thank you for your interest in the Neon SRT-4, I hope to answer your
question to your satisfaction.

1) Our dealer has not at this time sent a representative for
training on the SRT-4. Why, you may ask? Because, at this time, Dodge
has not set a scheduled for training representative on
the SRT-4’s.

2) Our dealer does not offer a discount for holders of CDL licenses.
Our dealer is a Posted Price Dealership, and as such, all the dealer and
buyer incentives are included in the Delivered Price of the vehicle.

3) Our dealer does not offer a discount for buyer loyalty, because we
proved the lowest prices to our customers. You are guaranteed to get the
Best Price when you buy a new vehicle from Fitzgerald. We guarantee that,
excluding factory changes, you will not find a lower price for an
Identical Vehicle in our local market within 5 days, before or after, your
purchase. If you do obtain a lower Bona Fide Price from a competitor,
assign your purchase rights to us so that we can buy the vehicle at that
price, and we will reduce our price before you buy or if you have already
bought from us, refund you 100 % of the difference between our Delivered
Price and their price. We will also give you a coupon for an additional
50 % of this difference in parts and services at any XYZ Service
Department. Dodge did previously give a cash back amount for previous
Dodge owner. But they discontinue that incentive the beginning of January

4) Deposits can be made on vehicles that are recorded in the Dodge
ordering system. But the Neon SRT-4 has not been placed in the system.

5) At this time, no information has been proved as to any incentives, to
purchase the Neon SRT-4. We feel that the initial introduction of the
SRT-4 will be between 5,000 to 20,000 vehicles. That would mean that each
dealership in the nation would receive little over one vehicle per

I hope that that I have answered your question. I will continue to
monitor the availability of the Neon SRT-4.


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poop :cry:

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the first snow??? where the hell do you live? hawaii?

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all the stuff you know about the srt-4.... forget it all. now you will do just fine! 8)
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