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1. 12-15psi, weather dependent. 1st gear boost lowered for traction purposes to 5-10psi.

2. mostly the same as stock, boost comes on slightly faster and more boost at partial throttle. have seen it stated that people have had 16psi in stage 1, falling to 13 or so at redline.

3. stage two is a little different. I have seen 19psi noted MANY times, falling to 15-16. 1st and 2nd gear have reduced boost in all settings with DAB, with some settings reducing it greater, and other settings reducing boost in all gears to something like 7psi (granny setting). stage two without toys is like stage two on max setting, 19 falling to 15 or so.

4. get a boost controller, then you can adjust and control boost without toys.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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