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help with tuning my 50 trim!

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Okay, this might be long, but some help would be really nice. Im goign to try to give you all the info you need to answer this.

I installed the 50 trim, w/ all supporting mods. Heres the list.

50 trim turbo, ceramic coated
perrin fuel rail
r.c. 750 cc injectors
return line
mpx big intercooler
aeromotive adjustable fuel pressure regulator
catch can
check valve
ssq blow off valve
stage one e.c.m.
walborough 225 fuel pump

I think that shoudl be enough info for you to base on opinion. Now heres the problem. Plain and simple, its just not running right. If i bring the fuel up, it wants to backfire and cut out, if i bring the fuel down, it wants to sputter and cut out. It seems that no matter where i put it, its wrong. Im adjusting boost with the aem tru boost gauge.....i have zip tied all the vaccuum lines already, mechanically, everything is sound. I just need the finer details as far as tuning goes. Where shoudl the fuel pressure be at? Any info on the tru boost settings would be nice as well. I also have the apexi neo s.a.f.c. But its not installed just yet.

Any help would be nice here. If you need to reach me tonight, ill be at work, but you can text or call my cell at 228-243-6947 The name is Mark

SOMEONE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:knockhead :knockhead :knockhead :knockhead
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are you running a boost source to the returnline?
i was told to run a 40psi fuel pressure with boost line on.
jsut give me a call mark if you have any ?s :thumbsup:
well once you install the safc you should beable to adjust everything to work. im assuming you have a wideband?

and the safc isnt to hard to install:

and heres the directions on how to use the neo:
the install directions are the same for the neo and the safc2

my fuel pressure is at 60 but i dont have a boost line hooked up to it yet
To get the car to run right you will need to install that fuel tuning device. Just raising or lowering the pressure will not properly tune the car. The ecu can't handle those 750s so like the others said install the safc and then tune the fuel system.
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