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Ok im a little lost and stressed out as im on a strict time frame to get this done. I bought a used aem ems for my srt4, it did not come with a cable to go from the laptop to where ever it would plug into from there. (obd2 port I assume.) I have the one from my trinity still will that work?

Next question I found the vacuum diagram for the aem ems boost solenoid but how about the vacuum lines for the stock solenoids (im big turbo external w.g with a tial bov)

Now to the wiring part of the aem ems boost solenoid one goes to a ground and the other goes to the (pw2) what wire is that??? All I know is that its in the stock ecu harness .

(Here is whay im going off of)
Thanks for all the help this is driving me nuts and I need to finish my car tomorrow :/

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Sorry for not seeing this sooner. I subscribed to this forum but don't get notifications to new posts...


Do you happen to know the wiring diagram for the trinity? If not no big deal.

The wiring for the EMS is fairly straightforward. You will need to either splice into the OBDII wires behind the connector, order a blank connector and roll your own, or buy one for the SRT-4 or Viper from somewhere on the internet.

The wiring diagram is located in the stickies of the AEM EMS forum.

If your running with the AEM your stock solenoids don't work anymore. Correction the one that is attached to PW2 works but the rest are not used unless you specifically repurpose them.

Easiest way to tell which one is connected to PW2 is to go to the boost control setting of AEM Pro, select the WG invert checkbox. Your solenoid should start clicking if you are still on the stock calibration. Find the clicking one and label it. Uncheck the box and proceed to wiring your AEM solenoid to the connector that was connected to the clicking solenoid. The solenoid is not polarized so it doesn't matter which wire goes to which.

I have no idea about your WGA or BOV, but I will take a educated guess.

If you have a single port WGA then you need a boost source (not boost/vac) on the left port of the AEM solenoid if you were looking at the label, and your WGA boost signal will come out of the front port. If you have a two port WGA then you connect your boost source to the right port with a T to the bottom port of your WGA and connect the left port to the top of your WGA.

As for your BOV connect it to a boost/vacuum source. I have mine tapped to the intake manifold. No solenoids no nothing. It may stay cracked at idle which is normal. Air will be flowing out of the BOV so there is no risk of sucking anything foreign in to your intake. Once you hit the throttle the BOV should immediately shut closed.

Sorry if you didn't get your car finished. The EMS can be intimidating to a new person who isn't familiar with electronics etc..

I have attached a copy of the EMS manual which has the wiring diagram inside along with a copy of the OBD cable diagram that I used to hook mine up. I hard wired mine and ran a cable to the passengers side. I have it looped in a neat coil and tucked behind the carpet in the upper part of the floorboard.


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