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2003 Dodge Neon SRT4 recently replaced my timing belt and all the components with the DCR Gates timing belt kit... After installation of new blue belt and dcr's tensioner and new idler pulley and everything reassembled I got to start the car and wouldn't you know it freaking auto theft wound turn off, great chip is in my key so I search Google and formus for hours come across a 10 year old video using some wire and connectors, a relay and some zip ties I can bypass the sentry system... wouldn't you know it Fu*in works I am stoked take off get 4 blocks away and dieing what the Fu* I thought ok sentry issue again, turn key off and back on craking away won't start got fuel spark no red circle of he'll light, last thing walk over to passenger side see blue shaving everywhere damn timing belt rubbing on something cause it to snap... so I change my timing belt couple blocks away fro may house make sure timing belt pulley on crankshaft is in correct distance from oil pump using filler gauge it was a Lil to far away I tighten down closer to block hoping the solved it... get it back together it is midnight start back up while it is running walk to passenger side and damn thing rubbing still snaps half a block from my house... What is causing it to rub I am lost rubbing on Top doggone bolt location. Order me a new solid center 4th mount for passenger side and brutal fabs k member support, contiplanting on purchasing dcr prolite 4th mount and of course using the k member lower support i bought so I can eliminate the 2 dog bone mounts on passenger side.. but still need to figure out what's causing belt to rub. Has Anyone experienced this issue please help????
1st&2nd pic is This is the Dcr prolite 4th mount
3rd is Brutal fabs k member support seems way stronger than
4th is dcr k member support


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