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help on omega turbo timer

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i just got the OMEGA TURBO TIMER and dont know much about wiring but it doesnt look that hard the instruction arnt very good so if any one could help i would appreciate it :wah?!: on the turbo timer it has a really thick yellow wire and a thick red wire that has a 30fuse on it then it has 1 smaller black wire and a orange wire the same size the only thing i know is that the black has to be the ground so any help would be good thanks
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I feel your pain..

I actually had the exact same questions. Your right with the black being ground, that's easy.:thumbsup: And the yellow one is the ignition which can be tapped in the steering wheel column if you know which wire to tap. The orange one and the red one seem to be more tricky. The orange one should "Connect to Output Side of alternator. Should read 9-14 volts only when engine is running." (quote came from instruction Paper provided.) And then the red one is supposed to connect to a power source of 30amp.:intrestin Is that the same one for the stereo or no? :dunno: All-in-all, I am just as completly and utterly confused about this as you are. I'm giving this a good old fashioned.. :bump:
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