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Help, my HKS SSQ wont close..

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For some reason today out of nowwhere my HKS SSQ BOV (new style) wont close. Its stuck back. WTF do I do to fix this? Open up the BOV?

Has anyone had this problem??
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FUBAR maybe? ive had mine for a while and never had it do that, does it whistle and blow out all the time?
It just took it off, its blowing all the time. The little black piece in side is rattling and moving around. Whats the best way to open this thing?

OMFG Im pissed. I swear I'm about to snap, and go nuts..

I dont need this shit right now
its got a bunch of allen screws all arounf the front or the back cant remember but you can remove those and have access to some part of the inside.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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