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HELP ME boost gauge wont go down .

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i changed the filter and put a cone filter and then just put a mopar blowoff valve. now my car spikes at 17 psi and stays at 15 psi all the way. or itll spike at 15 and stay at 15 psi. is that good. or bad. it pulls a hell of a lot stronger cause the stock gt mustangs would lose buy a car or two now they loss by like 3 to 4 cars. hwlp me.
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does it go back to 0 when you turn the car off?

A friend has had his replaced b/c even with car off is showed 4psi of boost.
i'd put money on you putting the gasket on backwards, way to kill it!

it goes back to zero the boost gauge and it was installed by the dealer so it might be wrong (the gasket)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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