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Im hoping some people with return lines can help me here.
I have the AGP turbo 50 trim kit, walbro fuel pump, RC 750cc injectors, e-manage, e-o1, PLX Devices wideband controler.
My problem is when I boost up to 22psi, my injector duty cycle goes into the 90-100% range while trying to keep the a/f ratio out of the high 12's!

Ive heard from a select few that I should get a return line with a rising rate regulator, because I have a static pressure problem? Will getting a return line help lower my duty cycle and allow me to run safer a/f ratios?

According to some people these 750's should be flowing more then they are, but I think everyone that is boosting more and getting better track times, have return lines and I dont.

If this is what I need, where can I get the parts from?
Do I just leave the stock line fromt he tank to the rail, then get new line to go from the rail to the FPR, then a line to the tank?
Did I hear right that I'll need to do something with the stock FPR at the tank?

Thanks for any help!

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i have the rc750's and the agp 50 trim as well and i start getting lean at the top end. i thought these injectors were enough, but i too am about to put a return fuel system on and see what i can do.

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BlueSRT404 said:
How do you like the kit?
Im trying to justify the $360 price tag though!

if you want big numbers, its a must IMO. The kit comes with a Walbro pump, since you already have one maybe Psi-Fi will not include one and sell it cheaper to you! Tell em Lucy said so!

I'm stuck in the same boat.. I need to go to the return/rising rate setup. :)

Right now my fuel curve heads straight towards lean... 12.5 or so at redline> starts heading lean around 5k or so...

I also run 750cc injectors.. and only dyno low 400's...
I have the 60-1 turbo kit.

IMO the return/fpr setup is a must if you are planning on making big power and running high boost.

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