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Here is an e-mail from one of our good friends form the 240 camp. Please read the e-mail as it will explain itself. I hope these guys get caught.

E-mail from Richard:

what's up..this is Richard Tang aka JDMRICE aka Tangkai127..or whatever u called me..:p
anyways..I need your help..
one of my good friend Benson Hsu (sileightymania) got his stuff stolen from his own GARAGE in San Gabriel, CA yesterday 4/30/03..

Some car stuff was taken from his garage and all the stuff is really rare pretty much one of a kind in the us..

they are

2x volk racing TE37 Bronze 5-lug, 17x9 +22 offset with 215/40/17 Bridgestone S-03 on them (notice the spoke design is different then most volk u see on the streets)

4x 5 Zigen FN01R-2 Bronze 5-lug, 17x9 +15 offset, brand new in white 5zigen boxes, NO Tires
(the 5Zigen wheels are the ONLY set in that color, size & offset in the US)

2x JIC reclinable black Racing Seats, with the word "CROSS" on the seats..they also had 240sx brackets on them (btw the seats are in one piece..the one pictured was broken)

I need a favor from u guys my friend...
if you hear of anyone trying to buy/sell/trade/get any of these things...please let me know [email protected] or e-mail Benson & Nadine at [email protected]
I know the chances are small..but if you can forward this e-mail to your car friends and have them forward to their car friends...I think it will be a great help....thank you

Below is a message from Alex Cheng aka MAV1178
For those of you that don't know, the wheels that were stolen are VERY rare in the U.S.

Probably one or two sets of those TE37s, and same for the 5Zigen wheels (I know exactly who we've sold those wheels to, and have the contact info for every dealer that has bought those wheels in that size in any of the colors)... so if it ever shows up it is easy to spot.

If someone has leads on these items, let me know. I can assure you that I will personally offer a reward to the person that has info on where these items are.

And if the thief is smart, RETURN IT TO HIM IMMEDIATELY. I promise I won't press charges if you return it intact, undamaged, and I would guarantee the safety of you and those assisting you. In other words, I'll let you guys leave in one piece. If you choose to keep the wheels to use/sell, I will personally see you to jail and make sure you know EXACTLY how I feel about this matter before you go see the police.

thank you guys..

Richard Tang
ps feel free to post this e-mail on any message boards or forums..thank for your help

- myfootsmells
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