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Headlight Bulbs

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Has anyone changed out the stock bulbs for some PIAAs or Silverstars?

What about the fog lights?
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i changed out the headlight bulbs for some PIAA's. they are incredible. the foglight bulb is an 882, which i have not been able to find anywhere yet (although i am gonna look into whether or not you can use an 880 in there). 8)
What kind of piaa's? Super white, extreme white or the plain ones? I have silverstars they suck! Don't put out much light and in the rain its like not having headlights!

got a quick change out the heads do you have to take off the front bumper or is it pretty simple??
I just bought piaa xtreme white headlight bulbs! I put them in in about 10 mins tops!! Look in the owners manual it says how to do it! Very easy! You just remove to bolts on the top of the headlight, then the three bolts on the top of the bumper, you have to bend the bumper out a little but its very easy! Just look in the owners manual.

Mdhavi, which PIAAs did you put in?

Ryan, how do yours look? Big difference over stock?

I actually have the silverstars in my buick and haven't been that impressed, especially for the price. They seemed a little brighter than the standard halogen and a pair of xenon pos's, but nothing that warrented the cost.

Anyone found the fog's yet? PIAA doesn't have em?
Hector, I heard it would be difficult to install the HID because of the amount of room the ballasts require etc??? Also, someone told me to ask you what you thought the best first mod is??
The ballast is a movable piece. YOu can mount it pretty much anywhere aslong as the wire is long enough. If the wire is not long enough, i will make it long enough to work.

As for the first mod, definatly a Type-R badge. :)

ACtually most of the guys including my self nstalled a turbo timer as a first mod. THis does not add HP though, its more of a safty item.

After that I would go with a downpipe from ATP (until mine comes out next month :) ) and then a Boost controller and blow off valve.
i have the PIAA Xtreme White. (9007 bulbs of course) 8)

Are any of the HID kits dual filament or are you going to lose you high beams? Can you post some pictures when you get it done???
93civEJ1 said:
got a quick change out the heads do you have to take off the front bumper or is it pretty simple??
I had to take out the top three screws of the bumper. Then slowly, carefully pull the headlamp out. Once it's starts moving twist the headlamp about 20 to 30 deg towards the side of the car. Carefull not to scrape the paint around the edges.

I used SilverStart. Much better than OEM.

Pics later.
Does anyone know what kind of aftermarket bulb will work for our foglights? The owners manual says its an H-10. Can't find it anywhere, will anyother bulbs cross over and work? Someone has to know!

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