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Vade46 = Jared he got his car fixed and its pulling hard

well heading to a party and i see a car coming up quick and he's real close to my rear bumper

so I didnt know who it was so I hit third and thought i was going to smoke the person behind me but he kept up i was like mfer it was at night and couldnt see who it was till he pulled up next to me

Hey Black dragon Paisley Racing found the problem
it was a T in one of the rubber hoses don't ask me how it got there but thats crazy and only took em an hour to find those bastards lol

well Paisley Racing is the place to go if you need shit done i see for our cars

his mpx exhaust sounds crazy too

so Ant ready to put in S2 toys in for him or what ?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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