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Head lifting under boost?

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Before you read this I'm going to cram lots of info into this small amount of space.

Ok well a while back my WGA got stuck and I pegged the needle on the boost guage causing the car to act and sound very odd. I get home and look in the catch can and see coolant mixed with the oil. So im thinking I blew my head gasket. Car drove fine for a few days so I'm thinking the HG was fine and maybe the quick rise in boost caused the head to lift a little letting a little coolant in and that's how it go into the CC. Took the WGA off and put it back on to make sure it was working properly and long story short it's cranked down a LOT and am gettin an initial 15psi....then it slowly rises to around 18 and then drops to 13-14 at redline. I'm STILL getting coolant in the catch can. The car is NOT overheating and drives totally normal. The only differences are the odd boost pattern, the wga is tighting like 10 times as much and im not getting the same boost, the coolant in the cc and my blow off valve sounds like it's leaking ONLY under partial throttle boost. It sounds like flutter. It does it around 9-10 psi, but if i step on the gas it doesnt leak. It's never done that until the night of the spike. What im thinking is that I may have stretched or weakened the head studs that night and now it's causing my head to lift a little everytime i boost thus causing the coolant in the catch can and the really weird boost pattern and maybe has something to do with the bov acting retarded too. Does this sound right? I'm not sure how long it's going to be until i get to fix this but I want to put some arp head studs and a new HG in it. Also do any of you guys know how much a new head gasket would cost to be installed? This has been pissing me off for about a month or so and i really want to fix it. Thanks for any help
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bump...does this sound right? Does anyone else know of something that could cause this?
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