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Has to be the funniest thing on the SRT

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have any of you looked under the trunk, and noticed the Kidnap escape handle to escape from the trunk??? look and you will see what I mean! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Unless you've been locked in a trunk before. :cry: :cry: But yeah, it seems pointless, when the back seats fold down.
Actually it's intended for children that might possibly lock themselves in trunks and suffocate or overheat. It's federally mandated and the handle should also be glow-in-the-dark :idea:
the funniest thing on the SRT4 is the fact that there are no assist handles :roll:
no the funniness... is actually the picture on the handle is what I mean. :wink:
I see mine every time I open the trunk. And every time, I remember the lady that was kidnapped and forced in the trunk. She was calling 911 on her cell phone but it took hours to locate her cuz the car was driven by the f*cka$$es everywhere in the streets. I wish there was a trunk release by her side then.
had it for a week now, and today is the first time I had even popped the trunk open. :eek:
oh the funniest thing to see is someone with a new SRT4 looking for a lever to release the trunk. Guys i cannot stress it anymore sit down and read your owner's manual before you driver your'd be amzed at what you learn :twisted:
Yeah, I just learned how to turn on the fog lights last weekend. And the trunk release was right where I expected it to be, in the glove compartment.
acr2nv said:
the funniest thing on the SRT4 is the fact that there are no assist handles :roll:
My friends and I call those "OH SHIT" handles...yeah and what's up with the SRT not having them? I figure out of all Neons, this one would be the one where you'd need them!
haha, I thought the same thing about the lack of 'oh shit' handles. strange indeed.
They were the first ones I looked for when I sat in my SRT-4 at the dealer. Poop! No "Oh Shits!!!"
dont need "oh shit bars" if your seats hug you nice and tight. :)
i think its universale that they are called oh shit handles...
has anyone looked under the "carpet" to see if the mounts for them are there?
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