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Has anyone put a bodykit on the SRT-4 yet?

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Hey guys im just wondering if any of you have put a body kit on your car yet if you have can you post some pics i love the look stock but kinda intrested in what it could look like for some ideas.

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nope. you'd be the first.

search is ur friend.
that 1st kit on the black one is pretty decent looking
the back of the blue srt made me cry
canards make baby jesus cry
Ultimateone said:

hell yeah
sarrett said:
canards make baby jesus cry
akuma's car makes me cry :crying: :jester:
Who makes these front bumpers?

And where can I find one?

PsychoFiend said:
scrolled through all the pics like 10x and the only pic i like is the front kit of the e-blue one. all the rear bumpers looks like ass. along with all the side skirts. what kind of rims are those on the black and red APC one?
Thanks! I've never seen any except the wings west one, which I don't really like. That Kaminari one looks great IMO.
What rear bumper is that on the black SRT with the buddy club front end??

Damn, those racing harts look sick! :druel: :druel:
damn someone really needs to make a kit that looks GOOD. Id say a stock looking front end with the lip extended about an inch and a half and a crosshair delete option. The sideskirts also look stockish but extended about an inch and a half also. I dunno about a rear end....maybe also about an inch and a half lower with no dual outlet but rather a cutout all the way across the bumper to where the tips would come out. Only an idea.
1 - 20 of 79 Posts
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