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Happy B-Day Hugo aka CrazyCuban

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I know he's either at vegas or on his way to vegas so just wanted to say happy birthday old man :jester: :hi:
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no hugo at the meet today? happy b-day
Happy Birthday Hugo,.. you Madda Bish!!! :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :happybday :drunk: :drunk: :cheers: :thumbupsq
Your birthday is offically over old man....:tongue: ......:hi:
Happy Belated birthday Hugo!!! :hi: I missed this thread so sorry I didnt tell you at the meet! See you next thursday!
happy belated birthday I yelled what up when I saw you at the mckinly off ramp last night but your windows were up. I was in the spec v :hi:
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