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So, I was driving home last night and the check engine light comes on. The car is running great, so I just don't get it. It was filled, as usual, with Sunoco 94 octane. I checked the OBD and it threw a P0304 code. I restarted the car and the light went away. Then I stopped and 5 Minutes later started it to leave again and the light was back on, this time a p0300 and a p0304. Still running great! Drove it home and tried again this morning - light still on and codes still there. Filled her up on Exxon 93 today and the light shut off when I restarted it. The codes haven't been cleared yet so they are still there but I drove it 30 miles and no engine light.

Should I worry?:crying: I have MSD superconducter wires and stock plugs - 7200 miles on the car. Have had some sort of intermittent vaccuum problem with the Brakes(I think that's what it is - Dodge still hasn't done anything 'bout the brakes(another story that is pissing me off)). Short ram intake, Mopar BOV, motor mounts, stb, catch cans at both locations, and that's about it.

Any suggestions?

Bad gas? Injector?... Wouldn't have posted this but all the threads I see have some sort of noticable misfire with the code. Mine - purrs like a kitten as far as I can feel/hear.

Thank you all.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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