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Got my yellow SRT-4 last night for $19,150!!

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Bought it last night they must have 10 of them on the lot. Folsom lake Dodge in CA. Got it for $19,150. I love it!

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i doubt that. i'm sure thats before tax, title, and reg. gotta be!???
before tax, title and reg!
Good deal Ryan!

Now what's up with the 03 Black SRT-10 in your sig?
it will be here in around two weeks! Its coming in at swift dodge. I got it for $1000 over invoice! Its been on order for over 8 months. Its black I can't wait! I need to sell my 97 GTS to make room for it!


how much was the srt-10? just curious
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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