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got about a grand for graduation, 3 ways to go

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should i get megan coilovers and 2 new front tires for stock rims, full 3' exhaust with high flow cat and no res with 02 housing and have a little extra for tires i dont want to do a cutout, or 17x8 wheels and tires and have a little extra for some springs on stock struts? i really need some help with this one im kinda leaning torwards the coils. thanks tim
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I would go the exhaust route with the new tires
does exhaust help that much? i know i want a little back pressure so im going with see or all the way out. i have a friend that can make custom exhaust and ive been debating to take it to him or just spend 7xx$
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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