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went to the dealership today to see what the best price would be for a new 2004 srt-4. the price was 28000 for it fully loaded and with all the taxes and what not the grand total was just over 36000. she asked me what i thought of it and i told her that seems a tad high. i also told her that i wanted the exaust changed, bov installed and tien full adjustable suspension as well installed upon delivery of the car. so she goes to the manager and she comes back and tells me 1800 for those mods. she talks some more and then asked me what i thought was fair, i think for a moment and i tell her the most i would pay would be 30000 for everything inc the mods. and she gives in. to make a long story short i thought that i can go elsewhere and get a better deal or is this as good as it gets. let me know what you guys think. ohh and i am from toronto canada. thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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