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I want some lowering springs and I have determined to go with the Goldline springs. The question I have, not only Goldline but many other name brands spings as well, will my car bounce around like all of the lowered honda **** that I make fun of everyday.
I have seen some worse than others but the worst i have seen is a black honda that everytime he hit a bump in the road, didnt seem to matter in size, it looked like he was about to loose control of the car. The back end just about came around on the thing and he was going in a straight line. :rofl:

If anybody has anything bad to say about Goldline springs speak up or forever hold your peace!

Like most of you here, I dont want to really lower my car, I just want it to look right. And it takes lowering to make look right. Also I have heard it voids your warranty. Does it void the whole thing or what? I though if it was a mod that I put on that had someting to do with the failure of the part, that part would not be covered but the rest of the warranty would remain. I know they wont void my powertrain warranty or anyhting else that dosnt have anything to do with springs. :ninja:
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