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and I need some suggestions and anything that will help me. I am stock except for a mbc (a real one from an auto parts store :lol: )
btw, I am going to sacramento raceway.

My main questions are:
-where should tire pressure be?
-windows up?
-should I do a burnout?

When I have someone with me getting on the freeway I always get "damn, you shift fast. were you using the clutch?" I know a guy who powershifts and when we raced to 65 in an empty 45 from a roll in first (while I was stock) we would both be at exactly the same spot before, during, and after the shift to 2nd and then to 3rd.

At every empty stoplight I come to I practice my launch on 14psi to try and get out of the hole as fast as I can without getting massive wheelspin or using my hydraulics (like another nameless member here posted a video on

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Windows have to be up, stock tires need no burn out but set to 26-28psi and be sure to start out at 2000 rpm launch then work your way up if it doesnt work
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