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God of War?

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Is there anything that resembles or even comes close to the gameplay of God of War for the XBOX 360?

I was over at a buddies playing God of War on his PS# and that game is fucking awesome. I really would like to have something similar for my 360. Anyone know of anything? I haven't kept up on gaming for a long time now.
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nothin thats too close but i can tell ya rainbow six & forza will keep u busy for awhile i love them both!

Hell yeah God of War is sweet so is the second one!

The only reason i still have my playstation
yeah and just to let u know.... God of war is for the ps2... so if u like it that much u can pick it and the system up for cheap
get to school Gouki
assassins creed is on the way and it looks alot better
WowGuySRT said:
get to school Gouki
nah im tired.. and dont wanna... beating mel at miniature golf kicked my ass lol
i can't wait to play Pokemon on 360 when i get home

carlos nice
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