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TechGauge readings

SRT-4_UK said:
Kr should be as close to 0 as possible and BTDC should be in the high 20s max at WOT.
I generally agree with SRT-4_UK but.... there are some exceptions.

To maximize power, MOPAR has generally "allowed" several degrees of Knock Retard.

Typically -- even on Water/Meth injected cars -- 4-6 degrees of Knock Retard Timing "pull" can be seen.

This is a function of MANY variables:

Altitude [ i.e. Air Density ]

Ambient Temperature [ Hotter = More tendancy to Knock ]

Inlet Air Temperature [ Larger FMIC DOES help ! ]

Fuel Grade

And on and on.

If you can keep your KR BELOW 4-6 Degrees of timing being "pulled" this is generally a Safe and desirable condition.

Total timing at WOT can be in the High 20 BTDC [ Before Top Dead Center ] IF you can lower Intake temps with either or BOTH larger FMIC/ Water Meth injection.

The idea is to set a baseline by using GOOD :hi: instrumentation and then observe changes as you modify your engine.

Hope this information is useful !

Best Regards,

Bob Weiland


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For instance, on my car this morning with AIT's of about 85 (nice cool morning), I was getting up to 6 degrees of retard in 2nd gear, but 3rd only hit 2. Weird, but that's what you get for owning a Neon. ;)

I just love the fact that I can actually see it. :)
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