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fuel cut @ 17psi on s2 ??

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I was running a xs-MBC spiked 22-17 for about 3 months no clamp and one day i just started getting this crazy fuel cut at WOT at any rpm from 3k and up like it would just cut out real hard almost sounded like a backfire in my intake and the exhaust so i took the mbc out and just ran the s2 WG to control boost but the thing is its still getting some fuel cut at 16-17 psi and my buddy told me i can run 19 easy. think its my wires or plugs
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Sounds like your plugs and wires. replace those and reset the PCM and you should be golden!
i had the same thing , turned out to be a boost leak at my block off plate . at about 45oo on hard accel it would fall on its face . ck it sounds like mine.
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