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FS: Springs and also WTT rims

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I have two (2) sets of springs I'm lookin to get rid of. First set is a set of Eibach Pro's, 4k miles on em, for $125+shipping. Second set is a set of stock springs, $40+shipping. the eibach's are at a friend's house right now, but he'll ship em out as soon as payment is made. The stockers are at my house and they're boxed up and ready to go now. I'll also have a set of stock shocks/struts for sale too, just wanna make sure none of em are blown.

I'm looking to trade my rims (16's) for a set of stock rims, preferably unpainted. they have pretty good tread on all 4 tires, just regular daily driving to/from work and taken to the track twice (maybe 10 runs max on the fronts). my car is too low to fit on my ramps w/o scrapin the shit outta my front bumper :(

Also have a set of univ. 4-lug 16's NIB (Use em for your beater cars :) ) $200+shipping, stock wga $20shipped, stock surge valve $10shipped, or surgve valve and wga together for $25shipped. Also have a set of amber sidemarkers for sale, $10shipped. U guys that wanna smoke yours, u can use these and keep a spare set in case u mess up :thumbsup: All this needs to go ASAP!! pm for pics, thanks :)
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fogot to add, I have a stock 05 fuel rail, $30shipped and I'm also lookin to trade my ptp 75psi fpr for a stock one plus $20. I'm gettin ready to install my return line and have no need for it, maybe someone else could get better use out of it than I will now. Gave enough fuel to run 22psi w/ an 11.6 afr @ redline.
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