For sale is a SPEC Twin Carbon Clutch. Hands down the best clutch you can buy for your high HP SRT-4. Unlike regular clutches, the hotter a carbon clutch gets, the better it grabs. This one was in my CE show car for a total of 671 miles. It never went to a track, dyno session, or was otherwise beat on. 500 of those miles were gentle break in miles of both the clutch and engine. Cost new was right at $3000. Pics are of this actual clutch. Includes the clutch, flywheel, TOB, correct length flywheel to crankshaft bolts, and a fabricated bracket for your clutch pedal (to limit pedal throw). If you want to have no doubts about your clutch holding ability, and want a pedal that is actually manageable, then this is your critter! It is boxed up, ready to ship, no waiting!

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