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What is your name(first & last)? : eugene marks
What is your Email Address OR Contact PH #? : [email protected] or text 757-705-2242 for faster responseWhat is your City? : virginia beach
What is your State? : virginia
What is your Zip code? : 23452
Vin Number: forgot to get it sorry

another post for the parts off the parts car. please don't bash my thread send me pm's about the prices. BEST OFFER ON ALL PARTS, just shoot me a pm and we can work on it.

stock crash bar 50 shipped
weather stripping for all doors 75 shipped
trunk latch plastic 25 shipped

hood latch 30 shipped
fog light surrounding SOLD

back passenger door 125 shipped

front passenger door 90 shipped has a dent in it

driver side rear door 125 shipped

driver side front door 150 shipped

driver side skirts front 85 shipped

driver side fender 100 shipped

driver side skirts rear 75 shipped

passenger side front and rear door molding 75 shipped

brake booster and master cylinder 140 shipped

hood hinges 40 shipped

center console 100 shipped
passenger side mirror 70 shipped

rear bumper support 75 shipped

trunk latch 30 shipped ( both from trunk and the latch on the body)

dash pad 100 shipped

stock headlights 55 shipped

trunk lining 50 shipped

stock spare 45 shipped

back seat top and bottom 200 shipped

rear bumper 250 + shipping

stock intercooler 50 shipped

stock steering wheel 45 shipped

abs modual 65 shipped and e brake handle 55 shipped

dashboard with wiring harness 250 shipped

shift cables 55 shipped

seat belts 35 shipped
interrior panels 45 shipped ( both sides )
back dash without clips 65 shipped

and that is all i have taken off the car, more to come. just text me if you need anything i will check and pm me for best offers

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A Few More Parts

HOOD INSERT [COLOR="Blue"sold to talbuk-srt

i do have the windshield wiper assembly but i have to get a picture tomorrow. sorry thought i got it but guess not

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I want the 03 fuel canister! I have cash in hand. Shoot me ur paypal. Pm me..
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