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Buy/Sell/FT Rules

Any threads not following the rules will be deleted. No more warnings.

I. General Rules
A. Items forbidden to be sold or purchased
i. Pirated Software​
ii. CD Keys without included software​
iii. Not for Resale or Academic software​
iv. Pornography​
v. Pyramid, MLM, and contest/giveaway sales​
vi. Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms​
B. No feeler, interest, or price checking threads
C. Multiple Threads - Please consolidate threads. Do not post multiple threads for separate items. If you have a multitude of items to sell place them in the same thread. A warning will be sent and repeat offenders will have their threads merged or removed.​
D. eBay or other Auctions links - Links to products on eBay or other auction sites will not be tolerated. Items in the buy/sell forum are between community members and we like to give our members first choice on an item for sale.​
E. Thread Crapping - Thread crapping is rude and will not be tolerated. If you feel the price is unfair or if you have an issue with the asking price then kindly PM or email the seller to inform them. It will be up to the seller to adjust the price however they see fit.​

II. Thread Labels - all posts in the Buy and Sell forums will be labeled with the appropriate prefix, This will aid us in finding or moving you thread to the correct forum if we feel like being nice. If you need a title changed for your thread please contact a Buy/Sell Moderator. Any post that does not contain the correct prefix will be removed.
A. FS: - For Sale
B. FT: - For Trade
C. WTB: - Wanted to Buy
D. GB: - Group Buy
Please be sure to post all threads in the correct section.
III. For Sale Posts (FS) - All items for sale must include a price. If a price is not present the thread will be deleted, no questions asked.

If you like you can use the following format for your email so search bots don't grab it and then you get spammed:
srtforums at doitlikethis dot com

A. For Sale Post format - All items for sale will use the following format:​
What is your name(full first & full last)? :
What is your Email Address OR Contact PH #? :
What is your City? :
What is your State? :
What is your Zip code? :
VIN (for vehicle sales):

B. For Sale post pictures - All items for sale require a picture.This is for the buyers safety, include your screen name and the date the picture was taken IN THE PICTURE ON A PIECE OF PAPER. The picture must be less than two weeks old at the time the thread is started.
C. Paypal - Do not request any additional fee for Paypal, 3% or otherwise when posting items for sale. If you feel the need to cover your loss on a Paypal fee then you as the poster should adjust your asking price to accommodate the fee. (This rule applied to any other similar payment options)​
IV. Group Buy Posts (GB) - A group buy can only be initiated by a supporting vendor. A regular member may start the group buy only if he/she is being hosted by a supporting vendor.

V. Bumping - You may bump your post once every 12 hours. If you are responding to a question in your thread then this is not considered a bump., its administrators, and moderators are not responsible for any interactions that take place on this site. If a problem arises we will do our best in resolving that problem or partaking in a reasonable solution or agreement. Please take the time to create a proper for sale, for trade, wanted to buy, or group buy thread to avoid any action on your thread or account.

Adding a picture on any forum
Upload your image (60K or less in size) to somewhere on the web for storage. Such as Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket .
Type codes into your forum message to add the image.
To create a link to the image: insert image description here[/url ].
To display the image inside the posted message: [img ]linktoimage[/img ].
Submit the message.


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All threads are moderated and require moderator approval before showing up in the forum. Please do not make multiple threads in a short and reasonable timeframe (4-5 hrs during the day, overnight if you post in the evening) because we may not have someone available to review them 24/7.
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