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2005 Dodge Neon SRT-4
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engine possibly blown; unknown exact damage
2005 Dodge Neon SRT4 VIN:
Colorado Springs CO

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All FS threats must follow this format...

A. For Sale Post format - All items for sale will use the following format:
What is your name(first & last)? :
What is your Email Address OR Contact PH #? :
What is your City? :
What is your State? :
What is your Zip code? :
Vin Number:

B. For Sale post pictures - All items for sale require a picture.This is for the buyers safety, include your screen name and the date the picture was taken IN THE PICTURE ON A PIECE OF PAPER The picture must be less than 2 weeks old at the start of the thread..
C. Paypal - Do not request any additional fee for Paypal, 3% or otherwise when posting items for sale. If you feel the need to cover your loss on a Paypal fee then you as the poster should adjust your asking price to accommodate the fee. (This rule applied to any other similar payment options) [/COLOR]
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