What is your name(first & last)? : John Kagan

What is your Email Address OR Contact PH #? : [email protected]

What is your City? : Strongsville

What is your State? : Ohio

What is your Zip code? :44149

I really enjoy this car - it's been my daily driver for 17 years - but it's time to pass it along. Drive it, restore it, or part it out

Pics and vids: SRT-4

One owner, 315K miles, stock engine (no engine "enhancements" or mods)

Still generates about 13 psi of boost (boost leak fixed with upgraded check valve on PCV line)

Subwoofer, CD changer

All four original alloy wheels, original wing and side skirts

Working A/C, sunroof, remote key fob (two fobs and keys included)

Oil changes on schedule with Mobile 1 and K&N filters. Never overheated

  • AEM intake
  • Blow-off valve adapter
  • Hotchkis springs
  • Koni rear strut inserts
  • KYB front struts
  • Energy Suspension engine mount inserts
  • Energy Suspension end links
  • MPx polished aluminum shift knob
  • Polyurethane shifter bushings
  • KYB rear strut mounts (no "thump in the trunk")
  • Gates timing belt
  • Cryo treated clutch release lever
  • Ignition coil heat shield
  • Newer fuel rail
  • Newer intake manifold gasket
  • Newer ignition coil
  • Newer oil pressure sender (notorious oil leak source)
  • Newer OEM camshaft position sensor
  • Newer passenger side headlight
  • Newer radiator thermostat

  • Extra transmission, 135K miles, LSD
  • Steel wheels (worn out winter tires)
  • Extra driver side fender
  • Replacement front bumper lower splash cover
  • Original intake
  • Original springs
  • Original shift knob
  • Original front and rear strut bodies (good for inserts)
  • One newer steel wheel with tiny ding
  • One original g-Force T/A KDW-2 tire with lots of tread

  • Lots of rust
  • Installed transmission pops out of first
  • Crunched rear passenger side door and quarter panel
  • Crack in windshield
  • Driver side rear window crank broken
  • Front bumper cover glued back together
  • Replaced but not painted passenger side fender
  • CEL, but just the evap purge errors
  • ABS sensor light

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