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For those with manuals, Air box induction pipe sensor.

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On the right hand side of the air box is a small plastic pipe with a sensor plugged in it, is that temp sensor?

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Why are so many folks removing their air boxes? I would caution anyone not to remove the box.
ditto to Hemi's coment and i will add that unplugging the ATS can be detrimental to the performance as the computer cannot read ambient temperature as it comes in.
That is the intake temp sensor. Im currently messing with it now. I dont think it will cause to much of an issue because the more important one is the one that is located right before teh throttle body.

That is the main one cause it reads the air just before it enters the intake. I suggest you get a catch tank too because if you look at your sensor, it will be soaked with blow-by oil.
I'm NOT REMOVING THE BOX! I was the one who said not to in the AEM thread. If the sensor was anything other that a temp soensor then I wasn't going to do the hood mod. tonight.

Hector, I installed the TT las night and it work great, besides trying to connect the grounds near the fuse-box the instuction were on the spot. I connected them behind the air-duct to a frame bar. Those plastic spicers are crap and bulky, the wire gauge is too large and the area too work is to small.

You guys were right about the plastic piece on the hood, the induction area is way to small. last night I opened it up about a 1/2 inch along the lip. wet sanded it and it looks stock. I removed the knob and installed a Momo race air, Leather wrapped. That happened to come in last night also.

Tonight I plan to set up the water mist-er, I forgot what time it was so the hood mod will have to wait.

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