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What is Your Name: Deondray Burns
What is Your Email Address or Contact phone# [email protected]
What is Your City? Houston
What is Your State? Texas
What is Your zip Code? 77051

paypal is : [email protected]
Please check to make sure I still have the item before sending

Text Preferred (713) 376-4037

I recently purchased all of this stuff from other forum members. But I have decided not to go big turbo after all.

First up is a turbonetics 50trim journal bearing turbo. Turbo has minimum up and down, and minimum in and out shaft play. Have not had a chance to put on the car but the member I bought it from said that the turbo did not smoke when it came off of his car, and he did not have any problems with it. $325 shipped.

Next up Agp Heatshield great shape no cracks. $50 shipped.

Next Atp big turbo O2 Housing comes with V-band. No cracks no problems. $250 shipped

Next Agp old style log manifold no cracks no problems. $200 shipped

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