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I got an e-mail response back from DC Canada tonight asking for more details on the release of the SRT-4 that was announced at the Toronto auto show. I've already seen a press release that placed the price at around 28000$, but I was looking for a date, here is what I got:

"Dear Mr. Delorme:

We have received your e-mail dated February 22, 2003.

DaimlerChrysler Canada appreciates your interest in the Dodge SRT-4. We are pleased to confirm that, as recently announced at the Toronto International Auto Show, the SRT-4 will be available for sale in Canada beginning this summer. More precise information regarding availability dates and pricing cannot yet be provided. Authorized information regarding current and future vehicles is made available through periodic updates to our website, and through our product information line at 1-800-361-3700.

Thank you for taking the time to express an interest."

So it looks like the June timeframe one dealer gave me could be right. I was hoping more for an April timeframe, but at least this will give me time to get a for thousand more for a down payment.... It's also good to know that they have a toll-free number that I can call up on a weekly basis to make sure I don't miss anything :D
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