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I bought my intercooler used from another member. He didn't say anything about any fitment issues. So I thought it might be just my car. but i have a friend with an E-blue who had fitment issues on the driverside as well.

The issue on my car was the distance from the inlet and outlet pipes was too short. It barely cleared the radiator. So I had to bend the edge radiator fins to allow fitment. Still no luck so a friend held the Intercooler suspended in air at a slight angel while i hooked up the piping. Then we attached the bumper bar.

I really like this intercooler tho. But the install took us 4hrs. We had the car tore apart and ready for the install in 1 hr using hand tools

Here is the passenger side pipe. The pipe was actually rubbing up against that silver clip thing holding the bottom part of the radiator.

same issue on the driver side.

Overall it was a really big hassle and PITA. The performance gains were really nice as this was the last bolt-on I needed on my way to 300hp with the stocker before fuel. PTB was reduced as lag was ever so slightly increased making the car a lot easier and better to drive. Overall my butt dyno says i gained some ponies and i am exstatic with the performace increase this mod has given me. Just sharing my experiences.
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