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Fixing Wheel Hop

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Has anyone figured out how to fix the horrible wheel hop we have in 1st & 2nd gears?

Is this a problem between the steering wheel and the seat (i.e., the driver)?

My car is bone stock and I simply cannot go WOT in 1st w/o really bad hop, even from a 10 mph roll.
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Inserts will reduce it to an extent, but a solid mount is needed to eliminate it. And even some of the solid mounts wont do it.

I just got done testing my AFX upper torque arm (from Howell Automotive) and am very pleased. I did a hard launch (lots of tire smoke) in 1st and could just barely hear a little skipping of the front wheels.
That would be worth it; where can I get more info?
motor mounts+psi-fi's new traction setup should solve the wheel hop.

I've got motor mounts and I still have some wheel hop. not much, but it's still there.
BoostLover said:
That would be worth it; where can I get more info?
Motor mounts, wheelhop, traction
:werd: on the search button. get ur choice of dogbone upper and lower mounts and a firm tranny mount if u like. should eliminate 90% of hop. see psifi's traction setup for the other 10%
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