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First in New Mexico? Maybee.....

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I'm going to go out to Phoenix tomorrow, and see what I can do about getting my 4. Earnhardt Dodge has 10 on the lot and 2 of every color, and the sales guy seems pretty cool. So, any advice on the sale?

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dont buy it for over msrp.
Word... if it quotes over MSRP I'm walking out, there's a few dealers there with them on the lot, I'm sure one will cooperate!

get Silver! you'll thank me later :roll: :twisted:
My girl thinks I should get yellow, and I'm sort of leaning twords it too. However, I'm wonderingwho it would react to the typical swirl marks and paint chips, and especially with the NM sand.

_S_I_L_V_E_R_!!!!! :twisted:
Black looks the meanest for sure.
Here's my take:

Black looks the meanest... but, cleaning its a bitch and it WILL get swirls that are easily visible.

Silver -- Looks the best and probably will hold up well. Wont need to be cleaned super often like black, and swirl marks will be hard to see.

Yellow -- Probably, like vettes, will have the highest resale value. Looks good too, but too "loud" for me. Would be my second choice.

Red -- Never been a big fan of red.

White -- Ahhh, my favorite... if only it was available as a white coupe :)
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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