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first gear boost

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so, i'm been watching my boost gauge ALOT recently, and it seems to me that i never get past, maybe 2 PSI in first gear, even at WOT.... is this normal? all the other gears are perfectly fine. (for mods i have the ATP UPP with HKS SSQ BOV... i love saying that, flex motor mounts and some MSD ignition wires)... if that matters at all. :?
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That sounds odd. YOu should be hitting atleast 8-10psi in first. Try tightening your BOV to see if thats what it is.

Looks to me like you have a free mod some how, i wish i had less boost in 1 gear. :)
i actually already tightened it one full turn to try to get rid of the problem... but it didn't work.... should i tighten it some more? :shock:
tighten it down all the way down just to see. If you still dont have boost, then check your connections, you might have a leak somewhere.

DO you hear an air leak in your engine ? Might be a vacuum that popped off with the extra boost.
i'll check it out tomorrow when i have some free time. thanks for the help. 8)
Weird. If you find out how you got less boost in 1st gear, tell us how will ya? Lol.
Khryz said:
Weird. If you find out how you got less boost in 1st gear, tell us how will ya? Lol.
beats me... although i will say i read somewhere on here that someone else who has the HKS BOV tightened the bolt on the back so it was about 1/16th of an inch off of the nut, and mine isn't nearly that tight... so i'm gonna tighten it another turn or two and see how that works out. :idea:
It's weird how it's just isolating 1st gear.
Khryz said:
It's weird how it's just isolating 1st gear.
Thats becaues in the otehr gears, you have more of a load which gives you more boost.
Ahh. I get it. So the problem is most likely with his BOV?
It sounds to me like your leaking boost somewhere. Your symptoms sound the same as I have had in some of my other turbo cars. This was almost always caused by a leak somewhere along the way, whether it be a BOV, or a dry-rotted hose. It might be that it can maintain the boost in the higher gears because of greater load compared to 1st and 2nd.
why do you want less boost in first gear? is there that much wheelspin?

i checked mine im getting 8-10 psi and i have the atp uppipe and hks bov
dont tighten the HKS all the way. playing with it today, the best you can do with the HKS is take the screw all the way out. start putting it back in, once it gets to the valve give it say...half a turn. its loudest and BEST there. any further in and it doesnt react as quick.

as far as boost goes, do you get more boost in other gears?
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