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Finally !

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Well after 3 hours at the dealership, here in MA. I drove out of there with a Yellow SRT-4 :) The only one there at the moment..

What bothered me is that they tried to sell it to me for 24,995.00 !!!! :evil:

There F__ck_n Nuts!!!! i could'nt believe it... All in all i still payed over the sticker @ 22 thousand..

I love the ride!!! Damn Quick it is.. And listening to the air as i upshift sounds sweet!!! Exhaust sounds sweet!!! and the quickness of course..

For the price.. its great!!!

SRT-4 Rocks! and its my first new ride ......
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Man, I really feel happy that you picked one up but you should be able to get it cheaper!!

A good trick to use on dealership is just tell them this is my price, its firm. They'll tell you to walk... but walk, and wait for the phone call. Couple hours go by and your phone rings and they try to haggle some more, hold your ground and boom... you get the price you want.
my bad.. 22 grand it was.. Still over the Sticker price..

But its well worth it...... i love the dodge!!!!
I guess ya gotta do what ya gotta do......... Congrats man....... Dang it!! "I'm not going to pay alot for this......." SRT-4
I paid 21500 but they had them marked up to 27000
locally they want $23,999.. fuk that. I'm going to Arizona to pay MSRP if they won't drop down to MSRP.
Congrats on the new car! You lucky bastard.

However, I'm not going to pay that much. Heck, I can get a brand new 2003 WRX for $20,350 here in Oregon. Best of all, no sales tax. But I can also get an SRT4 for 2 percent under invoice, so if I decide to go that route, I should get it for somewhere around $18,200 or so. We'll see though. I'll probably wait till the '04's.

But good luck with the car. I'm very jealous.

- DB
Where in Mass? Damn it, I have been waiting since December and my dealer won't get mine in until next month evil Congrats and I look forward to a tri-state (Mass, NY, Ct) SRT-4 meetin this summer twisted
Got mine for invoice. Gotta love florida. Oh yeah DB 2 % less then invoice on the SRT is 19595 but don't worry thats still cool. Later
You can get it for sticker!

There are some dealers in Mass who will sell for sticker! When I was lloking for mine I went to the dodge website and typed in the boston zip code. It listed all the srt delaers in the boston area, call them all and you'll find one. I got mine for sticker from westminster dodge in dorchester.
Digichris.....UH, 2% under INVOICE is what was quoted. I think you figured 2% under MSRP.... :D
Yeah, I think Raptor's right, you were probably thinking MSRP.

According to, invoice for the SRT-4 is $18,605. Two percent off of that is $372, for a grand total of $18,233.

Just think about how much car you'd be getting for $18,000! Pretty damn sweet!

- DB
Got mine for $18,975 and thought that was a good deal. Easier to get a decent deal here in South FL because they have some on the lots.
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