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Finally Saw an SRT-4

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Me and my friend Dan decided to go over to autoland in springfield,nj(1 town over) to see if they had any srt-4's. We walked into the dodge dealership and My mouth dropped. There was a red one sitting and the end of the showroom.

Now let me just say, I used to work at this dealership and I used to sit in regular neons and r/t's all the time...they didn't impress me. The quality wasn't all too good. So I thought the srt-4 was going to be almost the same...IT ISN'T! Lets just say I fell in love with the car by the time I sat in it. What I like about this car alot is the simplicity of the interior and center console. The car doesn't come with anything you dont need... Steering wheel, speedometer,odometer, boost gauge, shifter, cd player, climate control, and that's it. I love it...could use a sunroof but besides that, it's a perfect car. The seats are perfect, and this is comming from a guy who's 944 has 911 carrera leather bucket seats which have bolsters that come out past your stomach. And I dont understand when all the wrx owners talk about the interior quality of the car being bad...i've sat in a wrx and without a doubt it doesn't come to par with the srt's. The speedometer cluster is absolutely beautiful. That particular car read 5 miles on the digital odometer.

Going to the back, the rear seats seemed a bit small...but then again, who cares. Didn't check the trunk out because I couldn't find the latch for it if there was one. The body of the car is flawless. Didn't like the red(sorry), it's just that it's not a very "red" red, do you know what I mean?

Moving to the engine. I opened the hood and I thought the turbocharger was going to be hidden and hard to find, but there it was, out in the open. My mouth dropped once more.

By the time we left, my friend dan that I was with, who isn't so fond of neons(or any american car), was asking the salesman how much monthly payments would come out to. Yeah, he was hooked as much as I was. If your wondering...that srt-4 we took a look at was priced at $19,995, no markup.

Well there goes my little mini review hehe.
hopefully nextweek I will go test drive one when they get more.
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Thats awesome! finally, some in jersey. I will probably go check them out.

I was wondering how much a lease would be on this beast? I'm going to call them and ask the, but do you have any idea on what i would expect? I hear the residual isnt too good because its a "neon" but im sure it will hold its value pretty well...

BTW im debating between this and the mazda6, which are very different cars so im still deciding.

i met up with my friend jorge who works at autoland and he told me with a 60 month lease and 2000 down, im looking at around 380 a month roughly
oh didn't see the mazda part...they are nice too, but i dont like the quality of their cars...especially the me, go with the srt-4 you WONT be dissapointed!
well actually the quality in the Mazda is very nice...esp for a 20K car, it looks like a more expensive car...thats actually what caught my eye.
The quality in that car is definatly a notch above the SRT, but of course the SRT's engine is another story :lol:

380 a month!! :shock: thats anal rape man. Are you sure you arent talking about financing?

I pay 380 a month for my $33000 Jeep, and thats only 48 months...I guess ill have to finance it...
ya i meant financed, sorry
the reason you could pop the trunk is because there is NO latch you open the glovebox and to the left of the opening you'll see a nice button to push (power baby!) :wink:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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