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finally drove 1, might buy, have ?'s

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I finally test drove one, after obsessing over them for over 2 years....I hate to say it, but it was everything I thought it would be and more. I drove a red one (the local dealer has 4 red and 3 black ones, all '04s). I asked if they had any other colors...they said they have an e-blue on their other lot. Blue and silver always my first and second choices. I am going up there tomorrow to see if they can cut me a deal. Anyhow, I can't decide between red and blue. The red has really grown on me since I have been browsing this site. I love the way red ones look with no spoiler (a must for me). I haven't seen many pics of blue ones with no spoiler and am curious if anyone has any good pics of e-blue no spoiler, and preferrably stock wheels. I would appreciate it.

Also, which one do you think would be harder to keep clean, red or blue? I live on a treated dirt road where half the time it is dusty, half not so much. I can drive slowly and keep my car clean, but that gets annoying after a while.

Anyhow, I have to decide by tomorrow, so any help is appreciated. I probably won't be able to get it this week, but just in case, I want to have one picked out.

Thanks guys!
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i test drove one last friday and loved it and i would agree that its everything and more. i also test drove a red one but blue is my favorite color also the red would be easy to keep clean i think because my brother has a blue trail blazer and it looks dirty all the time (it looks like the electric blue in the SRT) but when its clean it looks amazing so personally i would go with the blue
yup. - what matty said.Either way you will love your new car.:clap:
i have a red one. theres just something about seeing that thing all polished and waxed and knowing how good its gonna look speeding down the highway with a mustang trailing behind it :thumbsup: the blue is easier to keep clean IMO. but i think if your gonna have a fast car it needs to be red..........or black :)

all those other colors are good for shows, red n black just scream GO
yeah i pick up my blue SRT tuesday i cant wait
Silver is the only one that is easy to keep clean. Red is more attractive than Blue but Blue is more popular! The SRT-4 is HOT in any color or year. Don't pass it up!!!
spcforker said:
Silver is the only one that is easy to keep clean. Red is more attractive than Blue but Blue is more popular! The SRT-4 is HOT in any color or year. Don't pass it up!!!
yeah, that is the main reason I wanted Silver. If this doesn't work out this week, I am going to save for a while and get a low mileage silver '04. I will only get a new one if they give me a heck of a deal, either way I can't wait....btw, I have been searching this site for hours and I think stock the blue looks best, but with visual mods (no spoiler, rims,tint,etc.) the red ones look better. I think I will go with red. Plus, since this dealer has 4 red '04s they will prob. give me a better deal,afterall other dealers around here already have '05s on the lot....just a thought....thanx for the input guys
I personnally don't like Silver, looks like they forgot to paint it. Too bad you're too late for the sweetest color of all, SOLAR YELLOW BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have a blue one and it gets dirty when I park anywhere for over 13 minutes. Love the car and the color...but going from a white car that took a month before it started lookin like it could use a bath to this was a wake up call! I never understood before what people meant when they said "oh yeah, my car is so hard to keep clean!" It all makes sense now...
WED21 said:
I personnally don't like Silver, looks like they forgot to paint it.
I agree
Philip550c, your sig is soo true...and they bust our asses about the neon bullshit
Stubock, I must say that you have one the best signatures on this site. I printed off the picture and showed it to my friends and they just about died laughing.
black and red baby yeah!
Blue is the best color eVer! :2thumbsup

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I like the darker colors because when they are shined up properly, the color looks so deep. My black 00' dakota still looks good, but blacks' a bitch to keep clean.
as an update, I haven't gone back to the dealership...I think I am going to wait and get a used silver 04 like I originally decided. They are getting cheaper, one in TN has under 8k miles on it and they are asking $18,100 for it. It is red with a sunroof. The used ones, at least I am hoping, should go down a little more in the next few months...I really wanted a new one, though but under 10k miles for $3k+ off msrp can't be that bad, right? I don't know, just thinking out loud, any opinions/experiences are appreciated. Thanks again.
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