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feeler ( my car for sale )

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wow man you serious? didn't you just drop like 6k on a paint job!?!...bump for the nicest looking srt around
I'm calling BS on this one. Unless you got a damn good deal on something way better. Which i'm highly doubting.
ya i think i am buying a srt8 i am going back to look at it tomorrow
Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! why?!?!
dude you cant sell that car....its way tooooo damn nice....and plus then I cant call ya ridin dirrty anymore..haha

but seriously if you sell it try to sell it local
Bump For A Sweet Car And A Good Guy!!! Glws!!
If I had money I would buy it to have another SRT on the lot :0)
Eric man what are you thinking? Give me a call bro
Dont do it! Whoever does buy it wont keep it in prestine condition like you do and its too unique to let'd lose too much $ also..but good luck if you do sell it, i know someone will buy it...
PlanB said:
arrg pics not working i want to see.....
here ya go:

BTW, eric you can't sell it .... srsly, you can't :ahahahaha :ahahahaha :ahahahaha :ahahahaha :ahahahaha :ahahahaha :ahahahaha :ahahahaha :ahahahaha
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You sell your srt and this catback i bought from you will be through your window!
Wow thats one hell of a nice two-tone.:frogtongu
its ok... hes just having one of those things... u know one of those moments we all have, i mean seriously he wont sell it.... right eric?????
1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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