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Anyone have this issue?

If I go to Options > Configure outputs > Radiator Fan

I have it to Turn on at 178*
Shut off at 174*

But they turn on the minute I key the car on. And pretty much stays on even after I shut the car off and pull the key out.

Any ideas?

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All below settings are from AEM Pro.

Check your outputs tab under configure outputs (LS5).

I have mine set to:

Coolant At Least -198 F
Load At Least 2 kPa
RPM At Least 500 rpm
TPS Less Than 90%
Road Spd At Least 0 MPH

Switched output is unchecked

Functions are active and RAD FAN is selected on the right hand side.

Under Functions TAB I have (match to your temp needs):
Rad fan on above 207 F
Rad fan off below 194 F

Also check your: setup>Air conditioner>options

I have:

A/C min speed 500 rpm
A/C off above TPS 80
A/C on delay 1.03 S
Idle A/C load comp 15.23 %
A/C request Input Switch #6 Gnd = on
A/C Clutch LS6
A/C Fan Speed LS3
Rad Fan LS3

Mind posting your tune?

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Woops, sorry for the delay guys. I ended up figuring it out, and forgot to update.

I have no AC. The Radiator is controlled through the AC Control parameters.

So I went into the AC options, and disabled AC control, and took the radiator control off the AC input, and switched it to the radiator fan input switch stated in the EMS, LS5.

I keyed the ignition on, and played with the radiator on/off settings to test it, and it works now.

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Do you have one fan on or do you have both come on?
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