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matt wiggins (site admin at - "Ok, having had enough with the misinformation being thrown out there I went Directly to PVO and asked what in the heck was going on. I asked that they clear some things up for me. As you know, Stephan brought his test SRT-4 to Neon 2002 this year. I sent him an email with a few questions in it, he talked to marketing, PVO and others inside the company so that it would be an offical release of information. This comes from DCX and PVO...

Hi Matt,

Sorry for the delay in my response, but we've been pretty busy lately

I'm glad you inquired about the SRT-4 distribution plan and here is what we can let you (and the neon enthusiasts) know at this time:

- - All U.S. dealers are eligible to participate in the SRT-4 distribution
plan. Sign up is currently underway at various stages across the country.
Check with your dealer to see if they are participating.

- - Initial distribution of SRT-4's will take place in key markets like
California and Florida, with nationwide rollout occuring over the next several months.

- - 2003 model year production will be limited due to the short production
model year, hence the structured rollout.

- - Participating SRT-4 dealers will be able to place orders once the
distribution plan is in place. Options on the car are limited to color
selection and side air bags.

- - Regarding Price Gouging: Dodge dealers, like all Chrysler Group brand dealers in the United States, are independent franchises. Our company policy discourages the practice of price gouging. We regularly communicate this in our normal communications with dealers.

- - Most importantly, production of SRT-4's has begun at the Belvidere Assembly Plant !!

Please stay tuned to for more information in the coming

- -Stephan"

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I talked to a guy from the dealership that I am getting the SRT from and he is going to the class, along with a couple others from the same dealership, I forgot what the damn day was that it is but I do remember him saying it is next month, he was saying they would be driving them and stuff like that. After that we will be able to order and after that probably within a month I would imagine. So february sometime hopefully. All that my dealer has said stacks up to what this info just stated so looks like my dealer knows what there talking about for the most part.

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im in califnornia...and all the dealers i have talked to said they have rolled back the date for they said expect to see them in late spring.
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