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i am a HUGE sound geek. most of the time i tell people with stock stereoes to turn the music down because it pains me to hear it. when i first got the car, i didnt even turn on the stereo for days...people asked if it sounded good, and i replied, "doesnt matter, its coming out anyway."

truth is, once i used it, i was pleasantly suprised. the highs have quite a bit of clarity, but are missing a bit of the detail of a non-paper cone tweeter. my old neon has a sub, and songs i know like the back of my hand seem to have every bit of bass guitar or kick drum in the srt. doesn't hit as hard, and im sure it could benefit from a sub, but like i said, im surpised. i think it sounds really good for a stock system in a 20k car. never heard the 12 speaker harman-kardon in a BMW, but whatever.

its still coming out....just not as soon. im a real sucker for clarity and detail. besides, since when do POS paper cones and shoddy glue stay sounding the same for long?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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