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Extreme Nationals-Virgina Oct 9-10 BE THERE!!!

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O.K. all you local Hampton Roads people, you really need to make this event and as always would love to see some new faces. This is the last major event of the year for our area. We need to make a strong showing to show that rice no longer rules the streets.
Extreme Nationals Oct 9-10 Virginia Motorsports Park-Dinwiddie,VA
Adults Sat $12
Sun $5
Racer Sat $26
Gates open at 10A.M. there is also a car show,burnout contest, of course the Bikini contest, and stunt bikes. --- for info

We may just get a hotel room or maybe even camp out right next to the track and do some camp fire party'n at night. We'll take grill with us to the track so we can cookout and have a good time. If anyone needs help installing those last minute goodies so they can go, let me know and maybe we can help you out. We don't want anyone to miss out on this, so we will do what it takes to get everyone there-so don't be afraid to contact me. I have car trailors(if you have a truck) and extra sets of drag tires I can loan out.
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definatley wanna make it out there. how far from hampton roads is the show? ride time? we all need to go out there and show how the hampton roads srt-4's do it.
It is about a 90 min drive from VA Beach.
Every one read that, this is what I am taliking about--GET FIRED UP!!!
Most of you are guys are just blahhh 'ooookkkkay iiii'lllllll ttryyyy'n mmaaaakeee itttt!'
Bullshit get fired up and let's do some racing. To quote a good friend" Lets take the ruckus to the ruckus beach"-I'll be there Knocking on the door!!!!
ironmurt is so tough but hes fast. I wont be racing that weekend so if someone that has some mods done that might need some drag radials I have a set that I can lone.I really meen that you have to have some good mods not going to let somone use them to go run some high 13s I dont need my stuff worn out for that.Pm me or ironmurt and he will let me know. But for real guy and ladys let get a good showing of cars and people. :clap:
BIZZUMP again forts hahahaha :jester:
i cant boost past 5 psi. and i start miss firing. wonder what my time will be. i'm already going to be there in my escort zx2. i use it for bass offs and i'll be going for the va state record for my class. so i might be getting a motel cause my escort has 175,000 miles and dont trust it to drive back and fourth. and i know now that if we go as a group, if i break down i got a ride lol.
Meeting Place?

Are you guys gonna meet up before hand and caravan out there, let me know, cause I want to go, to the show, and see some... ladies.

shut up dork
shut your mom up pig

hey we are going ot be taking a car trailer and camping out at teh track (hopefully) and we will caravan out, times and locations to be determined, talk to the MURTman
e'ssrt4 said:
definatley wanna make it out there. how far from hampton roads is the show? ride time? we all need to go out there and show how the hampton roads srt-4's do it.
your not even going asshole
Count me in. I will be there. Let me know when and where the caravan is at.
heat shield bolts

I know this is off topic but, I can't get the damn heat shield bolts out to get to the wga. I got two out but thats it, I even broke a cheapass socket on one. Anybody got any tips.
let everything cool and then spray PB Blaster on them and use a 5 pint 10mm sccket, a good one
tony we will be leaving from hampton (mercury blvd) around 6:00 please try to get there alittle early we are going to take grill for lunch but we are going to waffle house in the morning. the morning

6 am does not work for me, I don't get up till 11. If you guys leave for the track at 6 could you maybe come back to hampton around 11 and get me.

just a joke, I just wanted to know if I can tag along. Where on mercury are you guys meeting up, you talking about the amc movie theater?
negative PIG we are meeting at the shop, if you ever came out to hang you would know where it is. ass face

i'll call and give you directions to the shop
remember that time you wanted to hang out and everyone was going to meet at the amc theater but nobody showed up. so you were just sitting in the parking lot for like 2 hours with your thumb up your ass. :lol: ha hah ha hah

oh wait that was me.
MURT, BEN you think we might have time sometime this week to take a look at my Catalytic converter. Im down for saturday I got duty friday night but I should be off in time on saturday for the caravan.
Hey if anyone going wants to do some 'little' secret(ssshhhhhh!) tricks we can do, get with me or SRT4DORK and we will try and get them done. This week is going to be very busy for us we are trying to get our big turbo car done and ready for extreme so not much free time, but get with us and we'll see what we can get done. I want everyone to make a good showing!
hey guys we should try to get some of the other srt owners from other areas to come md, nc or whatever to get a good showing just a thought :clap: u know!
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