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exhaust manifold stud size?

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i know its m8 x 1.25, but how long?
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if you want bolts then 25mm, for studs they are 51mm(little shorter will work )
my friend said to get 1 1/4 in
that seems small to me is it too small?
well 1st they wont sell a 1 1/4" metric stud and 3rd thats too short.

50mm is safe, closest to 1 1/4" is 30mm which is short
ok cool, thanks for the info
45 mm work perfect but it deppends on what manifold you are running as well. Some of the big turbo manifold seem to fit a little close so you may have to grind a little off them for clearance.
our car uses metric right? does it say it anywhere in the manual?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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