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evo crached while trying to show of

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last nite i was at in n out and a evo was trying to show off. It looked like if he was trying to drift around turns. was anyone else there ill try to put some pics up that i took. it was at san marcos in n out.
also this guy wasn't wearing a seat belt.

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sux to be him.... retard:rofl:
:jester: loser... :rofl: :rofl:
Por pendejo
:lol: what a waste of car
stupid poeple like that is the reason why that place is all burn out. he wanted to get attention well he did get it
you can feel bad for retarded people.. dats prebirth

but really.. you cant feel bad for stupid people.. whatta moron...

i feel bad for the evo though..
Witnessed another one that almost lost it at the Fusion San Diego meet, leaving the meet. A while back. :wah?!:
if he didn't want to take car of his evo, he should have just gave it to me. now its all busted up. people should have to pass a test to have a sporty car because of people like this. no common sense.
the one on the passenger is actually the driver
stupidity is supposed to be painful
fucking evo guys :rofl:
smooth move ex-lax
ouch. Its people like that, that dont deserve to own an EVO.

murrtownsrt said:
fucking evo guys :rofl:
easy man, take it easy. Not all evo guys are like that. :)
What an more comments
Damn it... I went there Saturday night to eat. One day off... :crying:
did u see the damage to the building. It was on the jumbo juice building
1 - 20 of 41 Posts
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