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Evilcrations BFMIc installed... but

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got this baby installed today. i must say its quite nice and the fitment is great. question is when i WOT in 3rd i get a type of jerking in the car as it goes. almost like the engine is choking on an air bubble kinda. and it only does this in 3rd. anyone had any idea of this situation? i might be putting to much wear and tear on 3rd gear cause whenever i race on the freeway i always downshift starting in 3rd and get rpm's to like 4.5k. any ideas?
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is this commen or no? seriously i dont like it when things go wrong
you might have a boost leak. recheck the clamps. also check your plugs for cracks in the ceramic. 05 have some known 3rd gear problems.
well i got brand new plugs. and it dosent seem like i have a boost leak cause w hen i got it installed i noticed a gain in performance over the last drive with the stock IC
ive seen threads about 3rd gear fuckin up as u shift into it from 2nd... kinda like a grinding when u shift to 3rd but mine dosent do that in the 05. this is dif
Could be a lot of things. Plugs/wires, spark blowout, boost leak, timing pulled. Tell us more about your stats.
kk ill check it out. cant be plugs i just got new ones like last week. ngk iridum cold plugs
if your still running on stock wires... get new ones
do you have a wga or boost controller? how much boost are you running (spike and hold)... etc. these kinds of info will possibly help to determine if its a boost leak. also, did you lose any psi when you installed the intercooler? i hear its normal to lose about 1 or 2 maybe, but if you lost more than that, you probably have a significant boost leak...
New wires and sounds like spark blowout to me. What do you have you're plugs gapped to?
k to answer all the questions. i jsut got new plugs and new wires (AGP) for 100$ and i do not have my plugs gapped at all. when i installed i did not lose any boost it looks exactly the same if not more. wga is set to 15.5 and thats what i was boostin at roughly. a little below or a little above. not over 16 and not under 15
well, you should probably gap the plugs... :stab: i have mine at .035, some people go for .040, its all kinda based on preference, i dont really know what kind of plans you have for your car, but its all up to you what you want to gap them at. if you have the ngk iridium plugs, i know mine came gapped at like .050, and i just gapped them to .035. i dunno, hopefully that will help your problem? if anyone else has advice, feel free to correct me, or chime in with any other suggestions for him.
you dont have to gap your plugs. gapping them increases performance and shortents the life of your plugs.
Swbd4L said:
you dont have to gap your plugs. gapping them increases performance and shortents the life of your plugs.

yeahh..except if they arent gapped, you most likely wont get enough combustion. which is prolly why your third gear is so fucked up.
^^^^Agreed, if they're not gapped the same across the cylinders you'll get different combustion in each cylinder due to the difference in output of the spark. Am I right about that? What I want to know is how will gapping your plugs shorten the life of them?
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